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February 09, 2009


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Lisa at EWG

This is so great to see!!! Thank you, Christine, for spelling it out so clearly! And for your active involvement in supporting Kid-Safe from the grassroots angle. It's what's going to make it all possible. Keep on keepin' on, and pretty soon we'll have ourselves a whole new, truly effective, federal chemical policy. I believe it, too.

Katy Farber

Oh yes, I too am itching to support the Kid Safe Chemical Act. It is sooo overdue. And so many parents will rally to support it. Let's be in touch with ways to team up and make this happen.

Katy from Non-Toxic Kids

Diane MacEachern

Thanks so much for this thorough treatment of such a critical issue. If our country were based on a "prevention" agenda rather than a "clean up" agenda, we would pass this legislation in a flash!

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