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January 10, 2009


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I just saw a report on TV whereby LA's landfills will be full, done, kaput in about 5 years... then what do we do?

Thanks for the reminders.


Hee hee, I love that Beth refers to herself as a garblogger. In that vein (I love garbage too) I really recommend Garbage Land by Elizabeth Royte!

Diane MacEachern

Thanks for linking to so many great resources. We all have so much knowledge now, there's really no excuse for not taking action in some way, shape or form!

Green Bean

Story of Stuff changed my life. Truly. I love lists like these because they are so easy to follow.

mother earth aka karen hanrahan

christine what a resourceful post...welcome to green mom's carnival...

Steph @ Greening Families

So many changes feel easier with just a shift of perception. Thanks especially for the mental image of West Virgina. I'm dressed in several layers today due to a cold snap but now feel content rather than annoyed.

I'm off to check my library for Poisoned Profits!

Beth Terry, aka Fake Plastic Fish

As a "Garblogger," I highly recommend everyone plan a visit to their local recycling facility and "dump." It's an eye- (and nose-) opening experience and will have you thinking about your waste in a completely different way. I too have looked into the SF "Pit" (as well as one in San Leandro) and seen the error of my previous ways.

Hey, we're just across the bay from one another. We should have lunch some time!

Lynn from Organicmania.com

Wow, Christine, thanks so much for joining the Carnival and for sharing your insights. I am really looking forward to checking out both the book and the video you recommend. I also read your post about the visit to the dump and it reminded me that I have a standing invitation to take a tour of our county's recycling facility. I must do it soon!

Anna(Green Talk)

Christine, beautifully stated. All of your suggestions are easy to follow and very "do-able." If everyone just picks one or two items on your list, we can all make a difference.

I agree with banishing the "greener than thou" attitude. Commend others for their accomplishments. I always follow the philosphy, you get alot more accomplished using the honey approach than the vinegar one. Anna www.green-talk.com


The most important thing is doing what you just did - carving your opinion into the Internet cave wall. That inspires readers and gives business more opinions to scan and stay ahead of the trends.

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