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April 02, 2008


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C. Pfenning

Instead of annoying the cashier at Starbucks who can do little about changes, I suggest you e-mail Starbucks directly. They are good about responding and if they hear from enough people they will try to act on the issue. Even though it does not make for a well rounded meal, in our area, Portland, Or, they do offer some lower fat options both in pastry and breakfast sandwiches. And they give away all of their coffee grounds for use in composting, gardening and worm production. www.starbucks.com

Cara Gardner

I just ran across this article yesterday and thought it interesting since I had just been thinking-"wow, that's great that Starbucks has partnered with Conservation International to help offset global warming with re-forestation".

Check out the link to this press release:

There's so much irony in green corporate practices. Maybe we wouldn't have so much deforestation if we didn't use so many paper cups? The power for change is in the hands of the consumer.

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